Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trending: Teal and Lace

Last I went to an event that mandated dress somewhere between formal and daytime.  While some made the mistake of going a bit over the top, pretty much everyone elected for simple summer-y frocks mixed with heels and jewels to dress them up.  My dress was teal strapless, covered in lace, and sporting an understated high-low skirt.  I felt absolutely amazing in it, and the fact it was only $45 helped.  I bought it while across the country from my home, so I was fairly surprised when I walked in to find the trend had followed me.  Almost every girl was decked out in shades of teal, white and black, and the overwhelming element was lace.  While I don't regret wearing the dress since I do believe it stood out in certain ways, not becoming a cliché during a trend is important.  Therefore, here are some important ways one must be careful to still stand out while merging with the crowd.
1) Make sure you're wearing a style that fits you perfectly.  Just because everyone else is raving about it, that doesn't mean it's the right choice for you.  If you are going to follow the trend, make sure you wear it best.
2) Make sure it is a little different.  Instead of being teal or lace, my dress was one of only a few that actually combined the trend.
3) Don't buy it at a popular store.  This can lead to the absolute worst thing possible: wearing the same dress as someone else.  Wearing things that are similar is fine.  But two of the same dress makes yours a little less special.  While we obviously can't help others buying our dress, finding your clothes off the beaten track will up your chances of being one of a kind
4) Accessorize it in a unique (but still classic) way.  For example, my theme was Tiffany's, so I wore all Tiffany's jewelry and did my nails up to look like the boxes (although I didn't have enough time to complete them). 
So, there are some simple ways to follow a trend and still stay unique.   Now, I think it's important to point out that with day to day clothes, one shouldn't put so much effort into being the only one to have an item because there is such a wider range of selection for daytime versus a specific event.  I hope this helps you as we move into the summer season!

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