Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fab Five

Goat herd by the road.
This morning, as we were driving, we happened upon a hillside full of goats chewing away the brush in preparation for the hot days of summer.  They were hired to clear the hill so no fire could catch there when the temperature turned boiling.  Ironically, it was raining at that very moment.  It's moments like these, unexpected little moments, that renew one's interest in life.  Of course, planned moments are great (I can't wait to go to the Flea Market an hour away next month), but spontaneity and little unique moments just make dreary cold days like this one a bit warmer.  So here's to a summer of surprises.

The Frappuccino bottle I'm using to make a DIY vase. 

Unplanned flowers that have popped up in my garden make for a grand surprise.
An unsuspecting biker becomes my latest muse.
Fire dancers at a close friends luau.
I hope you all have a wonderful day full of spontaneity. 

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