Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sunglasses for a Rainy Day

Okay, so maybe today it isn't raining, but the dreary gloom outside could have fooled me.  And yet, I still feel myself craving some eye peepers because guess what?  SUNGLASSES ARE AMAZING! When I was a little girl, I used to hate to wear any sort of sun protection.  Which meant that sunglasses were my enemy.  No matter how many times my parents lectured me about UV light and going blind, I insisted that the glasses were uncomfortable.  Now, I don't know if I was just a temperamental tot, or if those glasses were seriously pokey, but nowadays I think sunglasses are about the best accessory since shoes.  Seriously, they go with every outfit.  Although (admittedly) I wear them more in the summer (versus the occasional sunny day during the spring or fall) due to the fact that I'm "in the mood," I do think they are a year round possibility.  Just don't wear them in the middle of a blizzard.  You'll look like a nut.  Anyway, without further ado, here are some ah-mazing pairs of sunglasses, separated by dream pairs versus affordable ones. 


 Shopbop, $285.00

 ASOS, Dolce and Gabbana, $346.19

 Not Just A Label, Jade Chiu, $372


 Nasty Gal, $20
 Madewell, $46.50

 ASOS, AJ Morgan, $25.46
 Topshop, $32
 ALDO, $12

 Wet Seal, $7.50
 Ruche, A.J. Morgan, $14.99
 Thread Sence, A.J. Morgan, $14

 Nasty Gal, $20

Need Supply Co., $18



Friday, July 5, 2013

Why Being Weird Is A Good Thing

When someone says to me, almost as a joke, "You are the weirdest girl I've ever met," I take
that as a compliment.  The whole world these days is filled with people trying to look like other people.  Trying to be cool or trying to blend in.  But the thing is, you don't get anywhere when you are exactly like everyone else.  People are attracted to uniqueness, so I live to try and push the boundaries.  But here's my rule: Don't go too far.  If it's a special skirt that not everyone else would wear, dress it up with accessories everyone will love.  In short, take one risk per outfit.  And once you know if the risk was well received, then start adding.  Just remember to never go too crazy.  I was reading Lauren Conrad's book Style, and one thing that really stuck with me was her fashion regret.  She doesn't look back remorsefully on bad outfits but on boring outfits.  And I think that's the way it should be.  So, here's to taking chances (and setting trends).


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

So, I won't say much since I know most of you are busy preparing for your big Fourth dinners (if you are in the US), but I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday.  I spent the day at the beach with friends and family and it was a blast.  Now back at home, it feels great to watch the sun sink lower and the anticipation of fireworks rise.  I hope that this extended weekend will give all of you a chance to decompress (I know I need it).  Have a wonderful end to what I hope was a wonderful day!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Experiment With the Rainbow (On Your Face)

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you had those little play makeup kits?  My favorite was in the shape of a cell phone and included an eyeliner pencil, which I was super excited about.  Now, this is going to sound weird, but I received one of those recently (it was at a party).  Well, maybe not recently, but about a year ago.  While I'm aware that old makeup can get gross, this seemed fine (and really un-used) so I decided to just mess around with some of the colors.  Applying a bright orange in a thin line by my eyelash and in the crease of my eye, I used my regular brown tones to blend and fill in the spaces.  What I got was a slightly more orange, almost copper-y smoky eye that was one hundred percent wearable.  Let's just say I was inspired.  While further experimentation revealed that not all of the colors in the pack were really going to work, it was so much fun and since I had no attachment to the makeup, I tried (and wasted) different shades without feeling bad about it.  This was truly the perfect way to see which tones that I'd always been afraid to try actually did work on me.  So, go get yourself some cheap, little girl eye shadow and try, try, try.  Who knows, you might find your next signature shade.  And for those of you who are completely color shy and have no idea where to start on this journey, here are a few colorful ideas to brighten up your face!

 Try bright blue eyeliner if you have blue eyes to really bring out the color.  It also looks great on hazel and green eyes.  In fact, the only color eye I would advise caution with this product is brown.  For some reason, the two colors never seem to gel well.  But, try it for yourself.  If your skin complexion is right, you might find your shade.  (Covergirl, Ink It! By Perfect Pint Plus in Aquamarine Ink)
This mascara comes in some understated jewel tones that are perfect when they reflect in the sunlight (trust me, my friend has this and I am so jealous).  (Covergirl)

 I love this palette from LancĂ´me.

Talk about bizarre! This brush is to change the color of your your choice of blue or pink.  While it's temporary (of course), that seems a bizarre route.  Instead, I would advise it for the other advertised purpose, mascara.  (Anastasia Beverly Hills)
 I love this Burberry color! But if that's not to your taste, try this one (just be careful to keep an otherwise clean face)...

 The above look (and the one following it) are perfect ways to keep bright shadow controlled.  Found on Become Gorgeous, this is exactly how I wear bright color!  For more dramatic, take it out to the sides like this...
...or pick an even brighter color and do your whole lid!  The key to all of this is an otherwise natural face (there should be only one "wow!" element).


Monday, July 1, 2013

Wet Hair Days

This morning I had a swim session, which meant I was up at 4:30.  Afterwards, I couldn't go home before my next public appearance, so I was faced with a dilemma.  What do I do with wet hair to still look chic?  I opted for a simple braided bun (should I do a tutorial?), but there were plenty of other wonderful options.  As we head into summer, here are some amazing ideas for what to do with those water-logged locks. 
For this classy up-do, just turn your hair into several chains.  Tutorial here.
I love how slick this half-up half-down look is!  Tutorial here.
This look was achieved with gel, but if your hair is already wet, there's no need.  Just grab a brush and a comb and sweep your deeply side-parted hair into a low pony. Tie with a clear elastic and wrap a small chunk of hair around it.  Pin the hair so the elastic is no longer visible.

For an amazing tutorial for textured wet ponies, click here.
For the minimalist, a plain old bun will do the trick!
Even though her hair is dry in all of these pictures, the advice she has to share is one-hundred percent true.  Plus, any of these styles work just as well when wet versus dry. 
Loose braids will be better for wet hair since hair shrinks as it dries.  Make the braids too tight and you might get breakage.  That being said, don't worry about it too much as it's unlikely to happen (chances are soaking wet hair won't even dry completely when in tight styles, even hours later).  However, if you are legitimately concerned, take a tip from Blake Lively and go for a super undone look.  CAUTION: LOOSE PLUS WET GOES MESSY REALLY FAST!

Hope all of these tips have helped you with your wet hair issues.