Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trend: Flag Shorts

So this past Memorial Day, I took my patriotic spirit and invested in a pair of flag shorts.  The trend is currently sweeping the web (especially Instagram) and is popular among DIY enthusiasts (speaking of which, go follow my new Pinterest: @diydiaries).  Even though it's popular on the internet, I've yet to see the shorts in person, and so I have been questioning to legitimacy of this "craze."  However, while shopping at this marvelous store, I spotted a high-waisted pair that were cheap and flattering, so I took the plunge.  Now, I am aware that these shorts aren't for every occasion, but when I'm at the beach I think they are the perfect attire.  I bought a cute white crop top to accompany the shorts here, but I'm also liking the pairing with this more expensive option.  What do you guys think?  Yes?  No? Comment!!!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

What I Love (And Hate) About Summer

Shit, I've been gone for a long time.
I deeply apologize for my lack of posting.
Ugh, I don't know what to write.
Do you forgive me?  I can't forgive myself.
I missed a whole season and no number of apologies will make it better.
Aww screw it, no one reads this blog anyway.

Hi!  I'm back.  I know, it's ridiculous how long I've been out of action.  But now summer's coming and  my schedule is freeing up big time, so I'm ready to start being faithful to this blog again.  So, to jump right into it, did I mention summer's coming?  Now that it's Memorial Day, I can officially embrace the summer atmosphere, though I'm not sure I ever fully embraced the spring one.  Somehow the weather has transitioned from rain and gloom to hot and sunny without giving me a chance with my light spring sweaters and long skirts.  To be honest, I have mixed feelings.  These last few months have been such a blur, I feel like I've missed one of the prettiest seasons and now have to cope with the sweaty, sticky days of summer.  Still, I can't change the time of year (or the temperature), so I'll have to make do.  And really, what's so bad about a little sunshine?  To help all of you get in the summer spirit, here's some of the things I love (and hate) about the upcoming months. 
  • LOVE: Swimming outdoors again
  • HATE: Such swimming requires sunscreen, which has a bad habit of getting on my clothes
  • LOVE: The beach is a reasonable temperature
  • HATE: I never get a chance to go to the beach
  • LOVE: I can go biking outside (experienced this morning) without freezing my butt off
  • HATE: I can't reward myself for said biking with a snow-cone because I have to get into bikini shape
  • LOVE: Shopping for new summer clothes
  • HATE: Those clothes include bikinis, which remind me I am most definitely not in aforementioned shape
  • LOVE: It's not too cold for ice cream
  • LOVE: More time with friends
  • HATE: More time being bored with nothing to do, a phenomenon I'm not used to
  • LOVE: Attempting to get tan
  • HATE: I don't tan
  • LOVE: Spending time outside
  • HATE: Getting sunburnt in the process
Of course, there are plenty more feelings I have for summer, but these are the prevailing ones.  At least there are pros to outweigh the cons.