Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trend: Flag Shorts

So this past Memorial Day, I took my patriotic spirit and invested in a pair of flag shorts.  The trend is currently sweeping the web (especially Instagram) and is popular among DIY enthusiasts (speaking of which, go follow my new Pinterest: @diydiaries).  Even though it's popular on the internet, I've yet to see the shorts in person, and so I have been questioning to legitimacy of this "craze."  However, while shopping at this marvelous store, I spotted a high-waisted pair that were cheap and flattering, so I took the plunge.  Now, I am aware that these shorts aren't for every occasion, but when I'm at the beach I think they are the perfect attire.  I bought a cute white crop top to accompany the shorts here, but I'm also liking the pairing with this more expensive option.  What do you guys think?  Yes?  No? Comment!!!


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