Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Edition Two: Dream Presents (A.K.A. Insane Gifts That We May Never Buy But That Is Fun to Dream About)

Last year one of my most successful posts was this one.  People really seemed to like it so I decided to give you yet another round of ridiculously amazing gifts this year.

This beautiful dress from Valentino comes in at a whopping $5,880.  As I am not a celebrity, I may never wear a garment so very expensive.  But I do dream, as do you I am sure, and hey, what girl wouldn't feel like magic in this dress?

This watch is worth 15 million, yeah.   I just have to say that if I ever had this on my wrist, I don't think I would feel safe going out in public.  I mean, there are 201 carats of DIAMONDS on there.  Still, it is absolutely stunning and thus, a true gift of my dreams. 
Now I don't know much about cars, but I do know that this $1.25 million dollar automobile is the cream of the crop.  Get him this and you can guarantee he'll love you forever (or is it wrong to buy love? I don't know, but I don't think you can hate a person who gives you this...). 

Can't think of a good gift for your kids? How about this teddy bear made of real gold, sapphires and diamonds for $71,500?

Are you a serious chocoholic? Well, then let me introduce you to one of the most stunning chocolate collections I have ever seen.  And the cost? No less than $275!

Or, if those chocolates aren't enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can head over to Serendipity for a sundae that will blow your mind.  As the world's most expensive ice cream sundae, this gold leaf covered confection is $1000.  I would savor the moment.

So there you are, another edition of my insane gifts.  I can't believe it's been over a year since I started this blog.  Whether my audience is large or small, I love to write these posts and share them with everyone!


P.S. This article from was a big help in writing this post, so you should go and check it out for more insane gift ideas!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Edition Two: $35-$200

Recently I did some sprucing up around the blog (new background, new icon) and I really like how it turned out.  Do I look professional? ;)

Anyway, here is the next installment of the Holiday Gift Guide Edition Two, this one broken down with gifts for everyone who's important to you, with prices reasonable but still enough to get that something special for those special someones. 

Boyfriend/Husband/Fiance/Male Counterpart:

These amazing noise-cancelling Bose headphones are only $162 and will have any music lover loving you!

Mom and Dad:

This delectable Holiday Tower of Treats form the ever amazing Harry and David is the perfect way to remind mom and dad just how sweet you think they are (did you catch the pun?).  $59.95 at Harry and David

Best Friends:

Every bestie deserves something special at holiday time and this dress from Polyvore will take her through the New Year and the parties that come with it in style.  Plus, at only $130, you can buy her these heel too...

...AND LOOK, THEY MATCH! (Also from Polyvore, $40)

And for any guys reading this, I have you covered too...
This silver and black diamond pendant from JCP has the perfect amount of romance and beauty.  Plus, it's only $100!

I hope this has help you with the tricky task of gift buying!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Edition Two: $10-$35

Sometimes there are those people who we know deserve a gift, but we aren't about to hand them the rent.  This may be true for average friends, coworkers, nieces, nephews, cousins and neighbors.  So, here are the perfect gifts for those special acquaintances that, while important, aren't getting a new iPhone from you.

Chocolates are the perfect gift for tons of occasions.  They are fancy, but not overly so, and they are 100% delicious. (See's Candies, $20.40, Dark Chocolate Soft Center Candy)
Movies provide wonderful entertainment and choosing ones that you know the recipient will enjoy make them feel heartfelt.  Have a romantic relationship? The Titanic is the perfect love story.  (, $24.99 discounted from $54.99, Titanic Four Disc Combo)

You may not be getting them an iPhone, but the wonderful cases from Speck are the next best thing.  This one comes with a built in pocket for cards and money, plus it comes in a variety of colors.  (Speck, $34.95, Smartflex Card for iPhone 5)

Or for those who are a bit more unique, how about this ear shaped case in a fuschia?  (, $9.99, Ear Styled Case) Yes, I am aware this is one cent under the cost range of $10 dollars, so just consider it your own little present.  You are now a penny richer.

And finally, jewelry is a great gift for any girl.  And while some pieces may be out of your budget, this one is definitely not, but it still looks like a million bucks.  (, $26.99 discounted from $42.99, Tressa Collection Sterling Silver Vintage CZ Bridal and Engagement Ring) *Note: just because the ring says engagement doesn't mean it has to be for that occasion necessarily.  Trust me, any girl would want the bling, regardless of the cause*

Overall, the most important thing about buying someone a gift is that they really truly like it.  It's important to make it something unique and tailor it to them, so they feel like they are truly special to you.  Good luck with your shopping, and I hope this helped to give you some more ideas.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Edition Two: Stocking Stuffers (Under $10)

Last year I comprised a few posts of the perfect gifts, organized by price.  Since it got such a great response, I've decided to try again this year in Holiday Gift Guide Edition Two.  Now last year I started with  gifts that were under $20 but looking back, I realized I never gave a comprehensive list of stocking stuffers.  So, here are the little gifts I feel will most brighten your holidays. 

This nail polish from Tilly's is only $2.99 and is just gorgeous.  I bought myself a bottle a few days ago and I love it! This is the perfect small present for any girly-girl!

On there are tons of discounted CD's.  While CD's are on the way out, sometimes it's nice to have the real thing, and one can always download the music onto iTunes if need be.  This vintage Dirty Dancing is only $6.99.

And if you don't know what music to give them, an iTunes gift card should work just fine. 
This candle from Paper Source is just $5.95 and will keep the holidays bright for whoever receives it.  Paper Source also has several other wonderful stocking stuffers like...

...this mini paper calendar to have them dreaming of the new year ($7.95, Paper Source). Plus...
...a reindeer that poops cola-flavored jelly beans! How cute! ($6.95, Paper Source)  Plus...
...this Santa Claus lip gloss and soooooo much more! ($2.95, Paper Source)

I hope this list gives you plenty of ideas for little ways to brighten the holidays ahead.


P.S. More Gift Guides are to come!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Has it Really Been a Whole Year?

It seems like just yesterday I was typing up posts about getting into the holiday spirit and exactly which gifts to buy.  And yet here I am once again poised to begin giving tips on preparing for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, etc. I mean, Thanksgiving has already come and gone!  Speaking of Turkey day, my Thanksgiving yesterday was wonderful (and I hope yours was too).  I baked apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie as well as several types of biscuits that turned out absolutely perfect.  For some reason, cooking/baking always calms me down and now that Thanksgiving is done, I think it's time to get into the holiday frame of mind.  Here is some inspiration to have you longing for December.

Adorable holiday gifts (including the most amazing Grinch mug) from the ever wonderful Paper Source.

Some delicious looking Holiday Butterfinger truffles from Epicurious.  

I don't care what you say, I love this song, it makes me happy, he is hot. And for all you loners who don't know who this is, the name is Bieber. Justin Bieber. Mistletoe by Justin Bieber.

And of course there are Christmas lights.  For some reason the colorful glow that is every neighborhood at Christmas time always makes me warm inside.  It reminds me of when I was a kid and I would drive with my parents down this one street in my town that always had the craziest displays.  I would be drinking hot chocolate and drawing patterns on the frosted windows of our car while Christmas carols played over the radio.  These are some of my favorite memories and whenever I see holiday lights they take me back to those wonderful days.  How about you? Any wonderful holiday memories to share?

I will finish this post with hot chocolate, because it is delicious and possibly the best holiday drink EVER! Try it with peppermint, it's pretty darn good. 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fab Feature

Remember a while back when I posted about craving a leather jacket?  Well, I finally got one (okay fine, it's not leather it's pleather....SAVE THE COWS)!  I know what your thinking, "It took you this long to buy one jacket?"  But I'm a busy girl and the right style just hadn't come my way yet.  Besides, I never feel motivated to shop for the next season, I always tend to buy things that I know I can wear right away, so it wasn't until I really felt winter approaching that I really went searching.  Yes, I'm a procrastinator.  But hey, at least I get stuff done eventually.  Anyway, the jacket is cute, brown, and sort of a play on a bomber.  I love it and I feel impossibly cool when I wear it.  I would highly recommend you get one too.

Above is the real Fab Feature here.  This adorable printed dress from Topshop has me falling in love. The only bummer is that the cold is coming, and little dresses are going to have to go away for a bit.  However, if you are willing to brave the chill, this dress with leggings and, yes, a leather jacket would be absolutely adorable.  As for me though, I think I'll stick to admiring from afar and dreaming of spring.  


P.S. Winter is my favorite season.  What's yours? Comment!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Horrors: The Five Truly Horrible Halloween Costumes

I am the first person to tell you that Halloween is awesome.  It just is.  There are costumes, you get to stay up late, and best of all, there is free candy.  But over the years, some costumes have taken a turn for the worse.  There are the ones that are too slutty revealing, the ones that are far too scary (there are kids around), the ones that are more than a tad inappropriate (again, children people) and the ones that are so poorly done you wonder if they even remembered it was Halloween until this morning.  So, to ensure that none of my lovely readers fall into any of the above categories, here are my rules for having a good Halloween costume:
1) Plan ahead; I always start my costumes at least a month or two before Halloween
2) If you're making your own, make sure not to get too ambitious
3) Never show any bra straps, never wear something see-through, no sky high slits, and please people, no tube tops unless you are being a disco dancer, in which case, it better be a pretty modest tube top
4) BE CREATIVE!!!! Obviously if you go for a basic costume no one is going to be revolted, but this is a holiday for having fun so try to think of something original
5) If your mom would die if she saw what you were wearing, don't wear it

And now, the five worst costumes that I found while browsing Google (at least, the ones that didn't feature content so offensive I wouldn't dare to post it on this page):

Where effort goes to die.
Please do not dress your child up as a toilet, it's only setting him up for failure.

The sad part was this wasn't a costume.... (and I know someone out there is going to be Honey Boo Boo for Halloween, and if you are that somebody, please understand that you are encouraging THIS! And then go have some fun because we all REDNECK-inize that the show is pretty darn hilarious)
What is it with people? Halloween is I time to be scary-gross, not to literally make me want to vomit! Human waste stained pants should be left to the babies.

Believe it or not, there were tons more where that came from.  I'm talking completely inappropriate racial costumes, bestiality and, yes, prison rape.  Please people, keep it PG!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Music and Why I Love It

Okay so I've never really done anything music related on here which is crazy to me because music is such a huge part of my life.  I'll start by saying that I don't have a specific preference in music, there are aspects in every genre that I respect and enjoy.  That being said, I do have some favorites.  Country is a go-to for me, the rhythms, country twang, and pure simple lyrics about love life and learning always have me singing along.  My favorites? Miranda Lambert takes the cake, Taylor Swift is an amazing and talented cross between country and pop and Carrie Underwood always has me hooked.  There are also some great up and coming stars I've found through YouTube (Kira Isabella is amazing).  As far as pop, I am a sucker for anything catchy, but I find that after listening to a song a few hundred times on the radio, it's becomes over-played, dull, and just less special.  Other genres I'm just getting to know are bluegrass and indie.  As far as bluegrass goes, the Steep Canyon Rangers (who I saw live with Steve Martin) are great.  Indie wise, I'm seriously in love with Kimbra (you may know her as the featured singer on Gotye's Somebody I Used to Know) and Fiona Apple is fascinating.  Anyway, it doesn't matter what I'm listening to, music can always make me feel better and the right song can make all of your problems go away, at least for a little bit.  Below are just a few of the TONS of songs I love, hope they inspire you!

Kira Isabella is amazing and I love this song and so many of her other ones.
Not sure if stealing cars is exactly the right message but I love how clever the video is and the tune is catchy as heck.
Like, ever.
Britney Spears is one of those artists that for some reason have songs that you've probably heard about one bazillion times and yet you have no problem getting up and singing/dancing along.  Even though I don't watch X Factor, I hope she does well!
That fiddle player is amazing (check out some of their other pieces) and I just love the depth of some of the harmonies they produce.  Steve Martin (yes, the comedian plays banjo, I thought it was bizarre too) is not part of the actual Steep Canyon Rangers, but they recently partnered on an album that is equal parts hilarious and musical perfection and are currently touring.
The music video is strange in my opinion but the song is one of my favorites.
Oh and I love Maroon 5.  Come on, Adam Levine is hot and the Voice is amazing.  Payphone is probably my favorite of all their songs and the music video is amazing.  BUT, it is explicit and that's not the type of cite I'm running, so here is a CLEAN lyric video.
Possibly my favorite song for the past six months and it has yet to be eclisped.  This song just makes me smile.  Nuff said.

So there you are, some amazing musical selections for your amazing ears.  Enjoy!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fab Feature: Edition One

Recently I've been contemplating the idea of having a recurring type of post (like Five  Things on Cupcakes and Cashmere) and this is it.  The idea is that every once in a while, I'll highlight just one piece that I'm craving right now.  It may be hair, nails, clothes, shoes, etc. (maybe even food or events) but it'll give you a taste of what I am in the mood for.  Hence, a Fab Feature.  So, without further ado, here is the first edition!

First of all, I've been craving a good leather jacket.  It goes with tons and adds edge to a girly outfit.  Secondly, I've been anticipating Kirna Zabete for Target (that's tar-je to you).  The truth is that if you don't want to go spending tons on new wardrobe pieces, there are plenty of affordable options that are (albeit lesser quality) still very cute.  So yes, I would shop at Target.  In fact, so many trends are too fleeting to seriously invest in, so big time sales and cheaper stores that still can produce good looking clothing are actually a good idea.  Fashion-istas on a budget rejoice and head to a Target near you.



Friday, August 24, 2012

My Mother's Closet: Vintage Haven (And Everything's Free!)

Yesterday I decided to raid my mother's closet.  The truth is I've already bought my new fall pieces, so shopping is really unnecessary.  But, if I can get said pieces for free, well then there's no harm done.  Hence, my favorite vintage boutique, my mom's closet.  See, the thing about people is we have tons of clothes we never wear, yet we keep them in our possession for some reason or another.  This is my mom.  She has an array of beautiful silk shirts she no longer fits into and a plethora of shoes she doesn't have an occasion to wear.  That's where I come in.  You see, I have the good fortune of being the same size foot as my mother.  So, those black suede heels? You can bet I'll be wearing them.  One of my best clothing finds of yesterday was an old denim Guess shirt that looks flawless tucked into some shorts or skinny jeans (when it gets cold) and paired with a statement necklace.  Another great piece, a brown velvet tee that fits perfectly and looks brand new and expensive.  Overall, my day of $ free shopping was a success. 

And on another note:

Here's my new favorite pieces from Kate Spade

Oh Kate Spade, how I love you.  Why oh why can't your prices go down so I can buy you up? This is the true question.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

FNO, We Meet Again

After browsing through one of my favorite blogs The Man Repeller I realized just how close FNO was.  Of course, I had already started preparing, but I was doing my best to be blissfully ignorant about the dreaded end of summer.  But the truth is, the days of lounging around in the sun are coming to an end.  Fashion's Night Out has long been a dream of mine.  That's right, a dream.  I don't live in New York (Ooh now you know I don't live in NY, there's only 49 other states and I don't know how many other countries to choose from. Happy guessing) and I certainly don't plan to fly there for a one night sale.  Nope plain old me is going to use the internet that I've been so neglecting these past few months (see previous post).  Now I have always been hesitant about internet shopping, especially in bulk because I just don't know how it will look on my body (why I haven't participated in FNO before, I've merely been a spectator of the sales) so this time it may take some courage.  But I'm determined to at least shop a little this year.  Want to join me in my internet adventures or find shops that are participating in NYC or beyond? Simply go to this site, and planning a spectacular shopping spree could never have been easier.  To get you psyched for the big day (September 6th) here are some clothes from participating online stores. 

This amazing dress from BCBG is just an example of the beautiful gowns and regular street clothes that will be yours for the taking if you win the $1000 BCBGMAXAZRIA wardrobe.  How to enter? tag an outfit to #BCBGFNO on Instagram for your chance to win! (, $298.00)

Like these wedge booties from Blowfish Shoes? Well they are currently selling for only $79. Find shoes this price and even less in the sale section of this amazing online haven. 

Oh you glorious trench from Habit of Urban, you perfect piece for fall.  How I long to place you in my closet an feel your warmth on the coldest of days.  And look, if I buy you on September 6th between 6-11pm, you come along with a reversible blouse!  The joys of FNO. (, $139.26)

This tube of mascara gives me the best, most voluminous lashes everyday.  So when I get to stock up on my favorite beauty helpers from Maybelline New York, I plan to give it all I got.  (Volume Express, The Falsies, Black Drama Mascara, no price listed)  

Love this For Love and Lemons Lulu dress found at Messes of Dresses for only $95.00? Then you should know there are tons more just like it.

In addition to these great finds, there are the likes of Sperry Top-Sider, my fave shoe brand for their preppy designs, and Rent the Runway, the equivalent of Netflix with clothes, to shop online. The stores above are, in my opinion, your best bets for FNO.  They are the most affordable, yet still unbelievably chic online places in the line up, and trust me, I looked through them all (well mostly, I got tired towards the end of the alphabet and skipped to my go-to stores but come on, there are hundreds).  Decide for yourself from the full list of participating stores here

Until next time.