Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Edition Two: $10-$35

Sometimes there are those people who we know deserve a gift, but we aren't about to hand them the rent.  This may be true for average friends, coworkers, nieces, nephews, cousins and neighbors.  So, here are the perfect gifts for those special acquaintances that, while important, aren't getting a new iPhone from you.

Chocolates are the perfect gift for tons of occasions.  They are fancy, but not overly so, and they are 100% delicious. (See's Candies, $20.40, Dark Chocolate Soft Center Candy)
Movies provide wonderful entertainment and choosing ones that you know the recipient will enjoy make them feel heartfelt.  Have a romantic relationship? The Titanic is the perfect love story.  (, $24.99 discounted from $54.99, Titanic Four Disc Combo)

You may not be getting them an iPhone, but the wonderful cases from Speck are the next best thing.  This one comes with a built in pocket for cards and money, plus it comes in a variety of colors.  (Speck, $34.95, Smartflex Card for iPhone 5)

Or for those who are a bit more unique, how about this ear shaped case in a fuschia?  (, $9.99, Ear Styled Case) Yes, I am aware this is one cent under the cost range of $10 dollars, so just consider it your own little present.  You are now a penny richer.

And finally, jewelry is a great gift for any girl.  And while some pieces may be out of your budget, this one is definitely not, but it still looks like a million bucks.  (, $26.99 discounted from $42.99, Tressa Collection Sterling Silver Vintage CZ Bridal and Engagement Ring) *Note: just because the ring says engagement doesn't mean it has to be for that occasion necessarily.  Trust me, any girl would want the bling, regardless of the cause*

Overall, the most important thing about buying someone a gift is that they really truly like it.  It's important to make it something unique and tailor it to them, so they feel like they are truly special to you.  Good luck with your shopping, and I hope this helped to give you some more ideas.


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