Friday, August 24, 2012

My Mother's Closet: Vintage Haven (And Everything's Free!)

Yesterday I decided to raid my mother's closet.  The truth is I've already bought my new fall pieces, so shopping is really unnecessary.  But, if I can get said pieces for free, well then there's no harm done.  Hence, my favorite vintage boutique, my mom's closet.  See, the thing about people is we have tons of clothes we never wear, yet we keep them in our possession for some reason or another.  This is my mom.  She has an array of beautiful silk shirts she no longer fits into and a plethora of shoes she doesn't have an occasion to wear.  That's where I come in.  You see, I have the good fortune of being the same size foot as my mother.  So, those black suede heels? You can bet I'll be wearing them.  One of my best clothing finds of yesterday was an old denim Guess shirt that looks flawless tucked into some shorts or skinny jeans (when it gets cold) and paired with a statement necklace.  Another great piece, a brown velvet tee that fits perfectly and looks brand new and expensive.  Overall, my day of $ free shopping was a success. 

And on another note:

Here's my new favorite pieces from Kate Spade

Oh Kate Spade, how I love you.  Why oh why can't your prices go down so I can buy you up? This is the true question.


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