Sunday, August 19, 2012

Computer: Oh how I've missed you

Sad fact, I haven't been on a computer all summer. Well, perhaps not ALL summer, so I'll be more exact. I haven't been on a computer since the middle of June. How has this occurred? Honestly, I have no idea. It's not like I haven't had technology, I'm on Instagram everyday, so I'm not a complete cave woman.  But yes, I have been neglecting this blog, the news, and pretty much everything else my computer so generously brings me.  But now I've returned, and may I just say, I've missed this.  So, in celebration of my return to the modern age and in (less of) a celebration of the end of summer (more like a funeral, but....) here are my favorite new picks for fall, courtesy of my two new go-to stores, H&M and Forever 21, along with the ever fashionable Polyvore

I just love the collar. Not only that, but the top creates the effect of layering without any.  Simple, chic, must have.

I have no I idea why, but I'm becoming obsessed with patterns involving birds, hearts or polka dots.  I just feel like fashion has taken a turn and is letting us explore the forgotten days of our youth.  Call me crazy, but pair this top with a blazer and it's office appropriate, but you still seem young and fresh. Oh yes!

It reminds me of spring. And why not have spring in the middle of fall, it's my freaking life.  Besides, in addition to patterns of youth, my new fashion craving is coral.  Literally, I walk into a store, grab a few items that catch my eye, head to the dressing room and find that they are all the same color of coral.  Maybe it's the feeling of pure sunlight the shade induces, but I'm hooked.

I told you didn't I? Polka dots.

Yes, this shirt is simple.  But between the color and the curved collar, it's just special enough to be your go-to office piece.  The options are unlimited. 

Hounds tooth and coral.  Maybe it seems like summer, but put on some thick leggings and a jacket, and you have weekend outfit covered. 

Same as the previous dress.  A perfect piece that you can wear by itself while you soak up the last days of summer, and then add a few layered pieces for fall with color.  No one said just because it's cold out you have to go goth. 

Oh look another summer dress this wacko is telling me to wear for fall. But hey, it is pretty cute.

Okay, so I went overboard. But I made my layering point right? Besides, they were all so cute I couldn't choose.  On to another tip now (finally).

Warm but bright. A sweater with pizazz is exactly the thing to keep your post-summer depression at bay.  Just beware, you don't want to go all tacky Christmas sweater, or the last thing you'll be seen as is fashionable.

Muted color palette, and neutral enough to go with anything, but sparkly enough to have you dreaming of the magic filled holidays to come. 
A small purse that caught my eye.  I just love the geometric shape.  It's not specifically fall, but hey, it's cute.

Printed pants are huge right now (as are pastels) so this play on snakeskin has me in love. (Plus, there's a dress in the same print below)

Oh how I love me some flats.  And they have hounds tooth on them you say? Why this must be heaven.

Jeweled Peter Pan collar and the perfect fall shade, we have ourselves a winner.

The cutest collar that ever could be, it's completely on trend.  Seen on celebs such as Emma Roberts and Diane Kruger, this look is officially a do. (Plus it's sparkly)

See? I told you there was more of that amazing snakeskin-esque print.  Do you love it or do you love it?

And now we come to the end of our fall must haves list, finishing up with the perfect fitted jacket.  I must say, it was very hard to pick only a few pieces, there are so many out there, but hopefully I've shown you some stylish (and affordable) pieces to inspire your purchases for the upcoming cold. Until next time.


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