Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fab Feature

Remember a while back when I posted about craving a leather jacket?  Well, I finally got one (okay fine, it's not leather it's pleather....SAVE THE COWS)!  I know what your thinking, "It took you this long to buy one jacket?"  But I'm a busy girl and the right style just hadn't come my way yet.  Besides, I never feel motivated to shop for the next season, I always tend to buy things that I know I can wear right away, so it wasn't until I really felt winter approaching that I really went searching.  Yes, I'm a procrastinator.  But hey, at least I get stuff done eventually.  Anyway, the jacket is cute, brown, and sort of a play on a bomber.  I love it and I feel impossibly cool when I wear it.  I would highly recommend you get one too.

Above is the real Fab Feature here.  This adorable printed dress from Topshop has me falling in love. The only bummer is that the cold is coming, and little dresses are going to have to go away for a bit.  However, if you are willing to brave the chill, this dress with leggings and, yes, a leather jacket would be absolutely adorable.  As for me though, I think I'll stick to admiring from afar and dreaming of spring.  


P.S. Winter is my favorite season.  What's yours? Comment!!!!

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