Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Insane Gifts That We May Never Buy But That It Is Fun To Dream About

Admit it, you have a fantasy somewhere in the back of your mind about the perfect Christmas present.  For me it would be a trip to Paris.  For my dad it would be a pinball machine (Note:  that is not an impossible dream as it may will come true this year.)  So what is yours?  Well, if you are not quite sure yet, here are just a few incredible gifts to fantasize about. 
This Alexander Wang purse is TO DIE FOR!!!!  Unfortunately, it's not in my price range this Christmas.  For some reason I find it hard to spend THAT much money on a single purse.  That being said, the quality by far justifies the cost.  So dream, or by, whatever, will satisfy you.  (Alexander Wang Diego with Rhodium Hardware, $1075,
Okay, so the picture may not make that much sense, but what you are looking at is a plane flying over Antarctica.  That's right, for $4950, you can take an overnight expedition to the continent via "King Air."  So perhaps this one is not for everyone (I would be terrified), but for any adventurers out there, I've got you covered. 
To get married on Christmas.  Maybe a good thing (best present ever!!), but maybe bad (there is a selfish person in all of us, and don't think that in a couple of years he won't just get you one present for both occasions) (Crap, that was REALLY selfish). 
The chance to see the Eiffel Tower in the middle of winter, gorgeous.  Yes, this does fall into MY wish (trip to Paris) but I figure that others like me dream of seeing the city (yes, many have been, but there are some of us who can only day-dream about the romance).  (photo courtesy of

Yes, there are many more ultimate presents, but these are just a few that completely knock me off of my feet.  What are your dream presents?  Do you dream of going to Paris?  Have you already been? Comment, comment, comment!!!


  1. oooooooh, paris would be soooo pretty right now. I went once in the spring and it was fabulous. antarctica looks fun too.

  2. I've been to Paris. In fact, nearly every summer! :D Anway, good job on the blog! Keep up the AWESOME work!