Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: $20-$100

Hi everyone!!  It's time for the second post in the Holiday Gift Guide!  This time I'm going to sort out each present and who I would personally give it to in order to make sure that there is something for everyone on your list.  So, let's get started.

For Mom:
My mom loves to cook, so to play to that while still keeping it Christmas-y and fun, I think that the perfect gift for her is this Mrs. Claus apron.  (Santa Apron, $34.95, Paper Source)  Or, if your mom already has one of those...

...everyone loves chocolate!!!!(Holiday Fancy, $19, See's Candies) (yes, I am aware that nineteen is less than twenty, congratulations, you saved a buck!!!!)

And for Dad:
Finding gifts for Dad can be hard, especially for us girls.  But, to find the perfect gift, you have to get into a guy's mindset.  If this concept scares you though, I've done the work for you.
Yes, a Blu Ray player.  What is more perfect than that? (Toshiba HD Blu Ray Player, $79.99,
Significant Others/Boyfriends/Girlfriends
For the Guys:

What guy wouldn't want a cool, new tablet.  Plus, it's only $99.99 at

For the Ladies:
This Victoria Townsend ring from Macy's is simply gorgeous.  The sterling silver and white and black diamond is making me salivate.  It should be expensive right?  Wrong.  With a special sale that is going on right now at you can get this $150 ring for $49.99.  I would say that it is the best deal so far. 
Because every best friend deserves a little recognition, I would recommend getting your best gal pal...
These $96 Ash sandals from  They are 70% off right now, so I would hurry up and get in on this great deal.  Now, perhaps some of you are hesitant about buying sandals in the middle of winter, but trust me, the warm is on the way, and once things heat up, these will become one of your friends favorite pairs.  (and while you're online, why not buy a pair for yourself?)
For the Kids:
Honestly, it depends how old they are.  For seven and under I would give this adorable holiday barbie.
($29 at
But, if they are of the older kind, I would suggest a iTunes gift card.

So there you are, a gift $20-$100 for every person on your list.  Hope it helped you out with your last minute holiday shopping.
P.S. Coming soon: "Insane Gifts That We Might Never Buy but That it is Fun to Dream About"

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