Friday, July 5, 2013

Why Being Weird Is A Good Thing

When someone says to me, almost as a joke, "You are the weirdest girl I've ever met," I take
that as a compliment.  The whole world these days is filled with people trying to look like other people.  Trying to be cool or trying to blend in.  But the thing is, you don't get anywhere when you are exactly like everyone else.  People are attracted to uniqueness, so I live to try and push the boundaries.  But here's my rule: Don't go too far.  If it's a special skirt that not everyone else would wear, dress it up with accessories everyone will love.  In short, take one risk per outfit.  And once you know if the risk was well received, then start adding.  Just remember to never go too crazy.  I was reading Lauren Conrad's book Style, and one thing that really stuck with me was her fashion regret.  She doesn't look back remorsefully on bad outfits but on boring outfits.  And I think that's the way it should be.  So, here's to taking chances (and setting trends).


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