Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Experiment With the Rainbow (On Your Face)

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you had those little play makeup kits?  My favorite was in the shape of a cell phone and included an eyeliner pencil, which I was super excited about.  Now, this is going to sound weird, but I received one of those recently (it was at a party).  Well, maybe not recently, but about a year ago.  While I'm aware that old makeup can get gross, this seemed fine (and really un-used) so I decided to just mess around with some of the colors.  Applying a bright orange in a thin line by my eyelash and in the crease of my eye, I used my regular brown tones to blend and fill in the spaces.  What I got was a slightly more orange, almost copper-y smoky eye that was one hundred percent wearable.  Let's just say I was inspired.  While further experimentation revealed that not all of the colors in the pack were really going to work, it was so much fun and since I had no attachment to the makeup, I tried (and wasted) different shades without feeling bad about it.  This was truly the perfect way to see which tones that I'd always been afraid to try actually did work on me.  So, go get yourself some cheap, little girl eye shadow and try, try, try.  Who knows, you might find your next signature shade.  And for those of you who are completely color shy and have no idea where to start on this journey, here are a few colorful ideas to brighten up your face!

 Try bright blue eyeliner if you have blue eyes to really bring out the color.  It also looks great on hazel and green eyes.  In fact, the only color eye I would advise caution with this product is brown.  For some reason, the two colors never seem to gel well.  But, try it for yourself.  If your skin complexion is right, you might find your shade.  (Covergirl, Ink It! By Perfect Pint Plus in Aquamarine Ink)
This mascara comes in some understated jewel tones that are perfect when they reflect in the sunlight (trust me, my friend has this and I am so jealous).  (Covergirl)

 I love this palette from Lancôme.

Talk about bizarre! This brush is to change the color of your eyebrows...to your choice of blue or pink.  While it's temporary (of course), that seems a bizarre route.  Instead, I would advise it for the other advertised purpose, mascara.  (Anastasia Beverly Hills)
 I love this Burberry color! But if that's not to your taste, try this one (just be careful to keep an otherwise clean face)...

 The above look (and the one following it) are perfect ways to keep bright shadow controlled.  Found on Become Gorgeous, this is exactly how I wear bright color!  For more dramatic, take it out to the sides like this...
...or pick an even brighter color and do your whole lid!  The key to all of this is an otherwise natural face (there should be only one "wow!" element).


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