Sunday, June 23, 2013

Random Crap for the Bored Mind

Goodness, I love being random.  While posting my general articles is fun, sometimes I just need to let loose and be weird.  Not to mention I'm incredibly bored at the moment.  So, for anyone else who's finding it hard to be entertained this fine, gloomy morning (afternoon?), here's a bit of the strange to brighten your day (and maybe change your life................................................................................... but probably not).
I love MSN for a lot of reasons (it's my homepage, after all).  It gives good, concise news, and not all of it is downers.  I love the fact that there are only a few main stories up top, so I can flip through those quickly, but then I can scroll down to find more articles.  It's a great set-up depending on how much time I have.  Not to mention it brings me stuff like this. I seriously laughed forever.  FOREVER!  I wish my friends would mess up like this, just so I could post the conversation (insert mischievous face here).  For more amazing screw-ups, click here.
The Bling Ring is out and I'm so excited!  As soon as I finish up a little bit of work (which I should probably be doing now), I am definitely going to see it.  And, I have a little post inspiration coming, so get ready for a real ringer (you probably don't think I'm funny).
While probably not entertaining, this will definitely have you thinking twice about those delicious looking "handmade" foods at food chains. 
This dog is way too cooped up.
I watched the first episode of the first season and never really had time to keep watching, but now that it's a new go around, this internet series is just too funny to miss (click here to watch Burning Love).
And, tying into The Bling Ring again, this article is just so interesting about real life celebrity homes (and their all too common burglaries).
And that'll do it.  I hope you're now a little less bored than you were before (I know I am).

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