Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fab Feature

My God this Cushnie Et Ochs jacket is amazing!  I mean, it's a peplum, a sort of blazer, a biker jacket and so much more.  Now I only wish it came in pleather.  Good pleather, that is.  Not because I wouldn't want the smooth baby-bottom quality this jacket surely has, but because of price.  Because it's real leather, this jacket (although on sale) is currently selling for $1,098 on I have to note that at the moment this page isn't working for me, so you can also find the same jacket under sale items on Polyvore.  Anyway, I know this jacket is ridiculously priced, but I think it provides a great example of how a leather jacket can be so much more.  And for any rich kids out there, have fun with this one. 

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