Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seeing Double

Yes, it's yet another new type of post for the blog! My Polyvore has been doing really well in the short time since I started it, so I think I'll bring my most common type of post on there, here to the blog.  The basic idea is taking one key piece and dressing it up or down.  I've featured a few of these boards in various posts, but now I'm making a specific post series for the pictures.  So, without further ado, here is "Seeing Double"

This first set contains the same pair of adorable leggings from Rare London (, $16, Rare London Printed Atzec Leggings, found through Polyvore).  On the left is a much more dressed up version, with the blazer and higher end jewelry.  While these particular pants may never fly in some office settings, this look could be perfect for more casual places of business.  On the right, a much more punk look awaits.  For those of us who shy away from black and spikes (ME!) just get rid of the hat and bag and replace them with a more classic look.  You'll still look put together and casual, but this is proof little changes can change so much. 
When browsing various street-fashion sites, I am always seeing this Celine shirt pop up ($10,  On the left, you see it paired with upscale pieces, including this coral bag that's just to die for (even if it is a bit of a splurge).  To the right, the shirt is dressed down with ripped jeans and one of the cutest polka dot clutches ever (again, pricey)! As in the last set, switch out the necklace and the wash of the jeans for a totally different vibe. 

Holy lord, this sunflower crop top is one of my favorites I've found, mostly because of the price.  The left side look features my ideas on how to style it beauty wise (most of the stuff is from Neiman Marcus, but you can obviously find similar colors for cheaper).  The casual look features leggings, a trend I was hesitant to jump on to (Lulu's are cute, but underwear lines are tacky). However, with the right undergarments (please be careful, ladies, no one wants to see that), I think that leggings are an easy, comfortable style for a day off. 

And finally, two takes on this vintage poodle dress (price unknown).  Along with some beauty tips, both sides showcase quirky glam pieces, including this sarcasm bracelet and these adorable (and cheap) bow heels.  The spiky purse is an adorable way to punk-up an outfit too!
So, there you are, four pieces for the upscale environment or the casual day.  I hope you've enjoyed, and go check out my Polyvore profile (information on About This Blog).

P.S.  Check out this amazing link! Seriously genius ideas to DIY Anthropology style.

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