Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quote of the Day

"You can choose who you want to be the hero, but you'll just be second guessing yourself...there's just no right answer.  Our society is obsessed with finding good and finding evil, but I think we're all capable of anything."

~ Ellen Page Quotes

I just read an article ripping on Serena William's attitude and large ego.  Before that I read an article on another article, tearing apart Rihanna and the singer's malicious backlash to said article.  An hour ago I discovered about 438 viruses and errors on my computer.  Let's just say the past few hours haven't exactly restored my faith in the good qualities of humanity.  With the article criticizing Serena, I have a few issues.  First, I don't believe it's any reporter's business to be giving a parenting lesson to one of the best tennis players in history.  That's for...wait for it...her parents (and friends and other loved ones).  Secondly, a huge portion of the article was against Serena's comment on the Steubenville rape case.  But isn't that her opinion to have?  I don't think anyone should be admonished on a national level just for speaking their mind about an important issue (especially when the comment had nothing to do with the writer).  While I do see the journalist's point that celebrities feel they are entitled and don't understand what can and can't be done/ said, I disagree with the harsh way she presented her argument and the baseless "facts" she threw in to drive her digs home. 
Now there's the ranting Rihanna versus ranting journalist smack down.  First, a writer wrote a rather condescending article about the pop star, including criticism about her on-again, off-again, abusive boyfriend Chris Brown, as well as her revealing sense of style.  This was, of course, uncalled for.  But does that mean Rihanna has to retaliate with a curse-filled essay destroying the woman.  I mean, I get anger, but I also know not to write (and post/send) something while I'm boiling mad.  Which is a tip both of these women could use. 
Finally, there are the viruses.  I'm on the computer often, so of course I'm likely to encounter a few sketchy sites.  I never click on such things out of common sense.  But when a security alert comes up on my MSN screen saying I have to run the scan right away, I clicked in a panic.  Calling a family friend who's extremely tech-savvy, I realized my mistake in the nick of time and back-pedaled.  While this probably saved my computer, it taught me a huge lesson.  You can't really trust anything out there, even if it seems like its being generated by your own computer.  It's saddening to think that the world is such a crazy and untrustworthy place that I can't make it through an hour online without getting into a huge mess (whether my own or that of a celebrity).  My point?  Well to tie it back into the quote, today's events could leave a huge damper on my view of society.  But I believe that everyone has good and bad, everyone makes mistakes, and while not everyone attacks my computer with crazy bugs, everyone does deserve a second chance.  So remember to keep a level head, and just keep saying, everyone was a good person at one point in their lives.  So anyone can become a good person now. 
P.S. Do you like my essay on life?  Quite different from my regular posts, huh?
P.P.S. Bling Ring post coming soon (but in the meantime, go see the movie!)

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