Monday, June 10, 2013

Fab Feature

It's been a while since I've done a Fab Feature, so here's one straight from Polyvore.

This Hello Sunshine Case ($40) has me dreaming of summer.  Even though the price tag is a little ridiculous for a phone case, the colors perfectly embody the season.  Especially that yellow.  It's blinding.  Usually I'm not a fan of such a bold color, but a dollop of it in a neutral outfit will update classic pieces for the modern age. 

In the center you'll see the case, surrounded by perfect pieces in the same color palette.  **WARNING: ONLY ONE NEON YELLOW PIECE PER OUTFIT OR PASSERBY MIGHT LOSE EYESIGHT WHEN LOOKING AT YOU**  I especially love the OFFWEGO License Plate clutch at the top center ($378).  Like the phone case, it's a little overpriced, so below I've found cheaper alternatives for both the clutch and the phone case. 
This Pennsylvania license plate bag might not have a cute saying, but it's authentic and only $140 (NOTE: HAS PREVIOUSLY SOLD, BUT SIMILAR CLUTCHES STILL AVAILABLE).

If you would forgive the watermarks, these three cases provide a (slightly) less cute, but still very fashion forward alternative to the case I'm featuring today.  The top choice is $27.84 and the bottom two are $2.96 apiece!

I hope this Feature has gotten you to love yellow!


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