Friday, June 14, 2013

Seeing Double

This dress is a perfect piece for switching from casual to fancy.  Just add leather accessories and you're good to walk the town, but add sparkles and heels, and suddenly you are ready for a party.  Pair it with this sequined purse I'm dying over, or this more dressed down leather one.  Either way, you'll be on the best dressed list.

Yesterday I attempted to go vintage shopping with a few of my friends.  I say attempted because the skirt I bought wasn't legit vintage, and they didn't buy anything.  Granted, we only went to one store and didn't have much time, it was still clear how much harder vintage shopping is versus looking through regular stores.  For one, thrift stores often only have the garment in one size.  Plus, it might be stained, ripped or have some other small but important detail that caused it to be deposited in the first place.  Now, we were at a more select boutique store, so there weren't many ripped cases, but a few shirts had (minor) stains that I had a hard time imagining coming out.  Another trial of vintage shopping is the sheer fact that most of the things are old, so there is a good chance they aren't in style anymore.  The trick is finding pieces that you can bring into the modern age, but obviously tacky housecoats are never going to make it to any fashionista's closet (at least not this year).  For all these reasons, vintage stores might not be as rewarding as other, more commercial shops.  But, if you dig, it's always amazing to find the perfect piece, for a fraction of the price.  For example, yesterday wasn't such a bust in the vintage jewelry department, as I found an older, but still adorable ring, for only three dollars!  Now my friends and I are planning a new vintage adventure, this time armed with our greatest tool...patience. 
Going for serious Gothic and 80's flair, these two outfits are definitely over the top and not for everyday use.  But find the right occasion, and lace drama is perfect.  As for the outfit on the right, it could work for a casual day, but I understand it's unconventional.  I mean, I put a skirt over a dress (note: this dress is sold out), which may leave some of you hopelessly confused.  But the truth is, if you have the right lengths so that it's a seamless combination, I've never understood the normal rules of layering.  Anything is possible!

This board, which I made with my bestie, is one of my favorites.  She has a very laid back sense of style, and I think it comes through in this collab.  Aviators are her go-to sunglasses, so they were a must, and her uniform shoe (sandals) added to the beach-y vibe.  The denim vest is me (of course), as are the prim earrings (note: these earrings are sold out, but there are similar ones) and spiked white heels (only $79.99).  Overall, this board is truly a blend of both of us. 

Oh yes, I'm bringing you sparkle shorts.  Because why not?  Well, apart from the fact that you probably can't sit in these.  But that is a small problem.  Can't you see the big picture?  These are ADORABLE.  And I love an outfit where you can punch it out with bright accessories (purse, earrings) and it works perfectly.  Plus, bright teal makeup (nail polish, eyeliner) won't push this over the top, which is crazy, because it's sparkles and teal.  And it's not too much.  So yes, I'm in love.  We've made sparkles a neutral (including this top).  Also, those polka-dot sunglasses just gave me a shot of happiness.

 Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, I can't upload the last board, so you'll just have to wait for the next Seeing Double.  I know you're sad. 


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