Saturday, June 29, 2013

Covet or Love It

Today we had a garage sale, and sold off so many things that we don't use anymore.  In addition, we donated some big items that didn't sell.  It's always a good feeling to see something put to good use, so knowing our old cast-offs would make someone's day was priceless.  Yes, we parted with things for payment so low it was crazy, but the truth is that you can't hold on to everything forever.  Sometimes you just have to let go, and that's exactly what we did.  In the process, another thing I noticed was how little some people had to spend.  Now, I'm not rich, but growing up well-to-do, you forget the hardships some people face.  While the items above aren't the one dollar price tag I sold my old clothes for today, this post is inspired by those people who find bargains wherever they can, because they have to.  So, enjoy this edition of Covet or Love It. 

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