Friday, June 7, 2013


The above photo is one I made on my new account on Polyvore.  I'm starting to really get into online destinations for viewing and sharing fashion (and other inspiring things).  In addition to my Polyvore, I have my new Pinterest, which I have previously talked about, and I started a personal ShoeDazzle for adorable shoe viewing.  For information on how to find me on these sites, go to About This Blog page to my right.  Yes, to my right.  That's correct, I have completely redecorated the blog.  Instead of a very boxed in look, I tried to open it up and modernize it.  Do you like?  It's a more traditional format than it was, and is, in some ways, easier to navigate.  See, there is a necessity in life to keep changing things.  If you get too comfortable, you start to take everything for granted.  And while certain things, like your family or your very best friend, should stay as similar year by year as they can, it is important to continually innovate and re-do the small things.  Don't perseverate over it, but try not to get lazy when it comes to your life.  Make the effort to be spontaneous.  And, if someday, you find that perfect look that you love, then keep it exactly that way, until it's time to change again so that the look goes with the ever changing you.  Just a little sermon for you all today. 

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