Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fab Five

For any of you who don't read Cupcakes and Cashmere, I hereby order you to get your butt on that site right now.  It's my all-time favorite blog and when I'm too busy to keep up with every writer I enjoy, it's the one constant on my reading list.  Anyway, there is a post Emily does once a week called Five Things, and I feel that it really ties together the blog and keeps us in touch with what she's doing/ craving at the moment.  So, I've decided to be a complete copy-cat and hope it comes off as flattery.  Because it is.  I friggin' love that blog. 
Adorable idea for downward hanging balloons, just add a marble before blowing up.  Thank you Pinterest!

The ombre skirt is perfect ($69, Kardashian Kollection, Polyvore)
One of my favorite candies, which I may or may not have consumed too much of last night

Crazy eye makeup on Into the Gloss

It was crazy to realize I actually know the owner's of Hanson's cakes, the people who made Kim K.'s wedding cake.  How had I never heard about this before?
So there's my first Fab Five.  Hope I didn't disappoint!

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