Saturday, March 3, 2012

Start of Spring Purple Manicures

Okay, sorry for the lack of posts in the past week, I've just been crazy busy.  One thing I am sorry not to have posted about, though, is the Oscar's.  I won my family's Oscar pool (I only missed three categories), and I think it would have been really fun to post some predictions/Oscar dress opinions for you guys.  Anyway, that's over and done with, but I promise to try and make those posts next year.
Today, I want to talk about nails.  I love to paint my nails at home, and since I chip my manicures/pedicures far too quickly to make salon versions practical, I've had a ton of time to practice.  Lately I've become obsessed with putting sparkles on top of otherwise refined colors to give them a new flair.  The nails above were my salute to the start of spring, the color just reminds me of lush lavender fields and Easter eggs.  The camera didn't pick up on it very well, but there are silver sparkles on top, and the extra layer actually kept them pristine for a while.   (The Color To Watch by O.P.I. with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Sparkles on top)
Yes, these nails really are purple.  It's one of the things that I like about the color, it has more than one dimension.  It's probably the darkest purple in my vast collection, and for a long time I refused to wear it (I have a fear of black nail polish).  Eventually, though, I gave it a try and fell in love.  I paired it with the same Sally Hansen top coat as in the nails above, but in this mani it gave off a certain grey, disco-ball effect instead of fairy shimmer.  Both types of sparkle are equally appealing in my opinion.  (Give Me Moor! by O.P.I. with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Sparkle Polish)

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