Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games, Unicorns and Other Random Stuff I Want to Talk About

Yeah, so it's kinda a weird title, but I (unfortunately) haven't been on in a while and I have about a billion ideas spinning in my head.  So, here it goes, sorted into categories for your viewing pleasure.
The Hunger Games
True, I've already posted about this AMAZING series, but since it just premiered yesterday, I figure I should do a little follow up.  Not to mention, I decked out my nails in Hunger Games style (don't laugh, I thought it was pretty cool).
They're kind of hard to read here, but they say, "I HEART THE GAMES."  And I do.  I was kind of surprised when I first read the series, since it seems more like a topic that would appeal to adults.  However, the novels have successful bridged the gaps that often separate the reading market (genders, age), making for a bestseller and box office superpower.  I'm planning to see the movie tonight, so I'll tell you about it later.
Unicorns (And Fairies And Other Magical Creatures)
 So, the point of this part is should people dress like they're five.  The common answer in the fashion world would be no way, but I think from an editorial standpoint it might be okay.  Take these collections (pictures courtesy of
All of these dresses had an air of the otherworldly, but my personal favorite is the last one.  If you look closely, the tapestry is covered with unicorns and other imaginary beasts.  Adorable right?
This Wunderkind collection is really cool and has a sense of being a little girl again.  It was covered with cherries and checkers, and while usually I wouldn't condone this combination, I think that it worked beautifully.
I definitely think this collection was interesting, if not slightly confused.  It was filled with feathers and sheer, a got a little bit wild, but these two outfits were for me the standouts.  Usually people shy away from feathers (me included), but with the right accessories, these dresses just might work. 

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