Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 Ready To Wear (Paris)

I love Alexander McQueen.  Sometimes the designs get a little out there, but Sarah Burton is truly one of the most creative designers on the market.  Even royalty loves her, Kate wore her dress when she married Prince William.  Anyway, this new collection is really cool, even though I usually am not a fan of fur.  It had a very futuristic vibe with the glasses (at least I think they're glasses, I don't know how you would see through them).  Overall, a total A+.
This was probably my favorite outfit in the collection, mostly because it was simple (or, at least the simplest), but it still had a futuristic vibe.
Okay, the outfit directly above was one of the few ones that made me want to gag.  Personally, I think it looks like a dirty mop (or perhaps a dead wolf).  Regardless, I just don't get it, nor do I think that any reasonable person would wear it.
This one was beautiful.  I especially love the fabric, somehow it reminds me of an ice queen.  Also, the semi-transparent fabric helps to tone down the extreme shapes, leading to an overall well balanced look.
This ones similar, but I had to mention the amazing hidden pockets.
It's a flower petal!!!! This was the other outfit I didn't really understand.  Sure, it's new and fresh, but I'll take smaller shoulders (and ones that weren't made of tissues) any day. 
Hands down, this was my favorite dress in the entire collection.  The red is so vibrant, the silhouette so creative yet strangely familiar, and then we get to the damn darn fabric.  I had a mini fashion heart attack when I saw it.  In the previous post I talked about my fear of feathers, but this dress left that fear in the dust.  Should I ever find a fairy godmother to turn me into Cinderella for one night, this would be the dress I'd ask for.

Okay, so I raved about the red, and it's not really the texture of this fabric that I mind.  Somehow, though, the color and the silhouette mixed together make me think of a duster.  Still, I sort of have this weird crush on the dress.  Must be those silver blindfolds.
Overall, mixed reviews, although I do truly believe that the collection was incredible.  Alexander Wang continues to push the envelope, and I can't wait (no seriously, I'm going to pee my pants with anticipation) for next season.

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