Monday, February 6, 2012

The Perfect Spring Dresses (And Skirts) for the Season to Come

Polyvore has such a wide selection that it's so easy to get sucked in.  Lately, spring dresses have been taking my fancy, perhaps because after months of layers, chic, simple dresses and skirts are becoming all the more appealing. Obviously, these selections do not eve scratch the surface in regards to the quantities of awesomeness over at what is becoming my favorite site.  However, they do have me salivating for more.
There's nothing like hummingbirds to remind you of spring (except maybe flowers) and this skirt by Jil Sander is no exception.
I just love the emerald hue of this dress, not to mention that the pattern is to die for.  Even though I've never seen it in person, I know from experience that this type of dress (with the belted waist and attention grabbers at just the right places) would flatter almost any woman.
 This military inspired skirt would usually be classified as more winter-y.  Imagine it, though, with a cute striped tee and sandals.  It's effortless yet put together, and while some may argue that particular vibe would be more summer, I think that it perfectly suits spring.
This Valentino dress is one of my favorites in this batch, simply because the flowers appear to be falling (or blossoming) from the blackness down to the white.  Could anything better say winter to summer? (Okay, so that was a little bit of a creative description, but come on, it's adorable). 
When I first started looking at skirts, I was thinking that a tulle turquoise garment would be ideal.  However, sometimes the more geometric, covered options work just as well.  The color alone is really attention grabbing, so all accessories should be understated.  I love the bow at the top, so I would just tuck in a white tee, to show it off.
Once again, this dress may be a little bit summery for the fog that usually rolls in during these next few months, however, I see absolutely nothing wrong with going bright even if it is only February (and we, unfortunately, have five more weeks of winter).
This Marc Jacobs dress is absolutely lovely.  I think that there is some weird idea that black is for colder months, but I stand here to prove that wrong.  The flowers and flow-y quality couldn't be more reminiscent of spring.  Besides, who wears strapless in the snow?
This one is yet another Valentino garment that grabbed my attention.  Usually, 3-D embellishments like this don't appear in high fashion, but this particular skirt adds a whimsical vibe to a very proper color of skirt (not that I don't love purple, I LOVE purple).
So that is all, my favorite spring finds (so far).  I hope you've gotten some new outfit ideas, or at least inspiration for your next purchases.

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