Monday, February 20, 2012

The Fault in Our Stars (And Other Things That Sort of Have to Do With It)

Okay, so maybe this isn't a blog that is about literature, but bear with me, I do have a point.  Just now I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars by the glorious John Green and I do believe that I will never look at the world the same way.  Call me corny or cliched, but it is the truth.  Thank God that no one in my family has ever had cancer, but that does not mean that I have never met anyone with the disease. What has always amazed me about cancer survivors as well as those still living with the illness is that they never talk about it.  I know that this is just the sort of stereotype that this particular novel is trying to get rid of (the courageous sick person), but the fact that people with cancer just want to be treated like everyone else can not be denied.  They're brave, but they're also ordinary people who have simply come to the realization that dwelling over the wrongs life has given you will never make them better. 
On the fashion side of all this, I started thinking about death, and therefore black.  However, Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican Day of the Dead also came to mind.  This particular celebration is always full of color and vibrancy, something that celebrates the journey out of this world.   So, I gave myself a little challenge.  Could I find a garment (or two more than that) that could marry color and death in one harmonious piece of clothing? I did, and these are what I came up with, both literal and not so much.(pictures from
I decided that all of the literal things didn't need explanations, they're basically just skulls and skeletons.
Definitely Not Literal
So this one was chosen based on the idea that the dress was here, but then it disappeared (died).  You know, because it's really short and made of lace.  Okay, so maybe you don't know, but I do, so deal with it.

This is blood pouring out of the blackness which is death (I still can't believe I typed that sentence). 
Yeah, I don't even know how to explain this one.(You know what, I need to stop making apologies, this concept is dumb genius!)
This one was sort of literal because it was supposed to resemble a ghost.  I also think that if you look really closely there are some skulls on there too. 
So that is all, and if you are switching away from this post endlessly confused, I hope that there is at least one thing that you can take away from these ramblings, and that is it is not the death I fear, it is the end of the life.

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