Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Inspiration

 Easter is this Sunday and since most of my family that lives nearby has other plans, I'm preparing to make an incredible Easter dinner.  The dishes I am most looking forward to are either salmon or chicken in a lemon beurre blanc sauce that I recently discovered and am seriously in love with.  Also, I'm doing mashed potatoes, salad, etc. but the real kickers are the deserts.  I have a cupcake decorating cookbook (What's Up Cupcake?)  and I absolutely adore it.  The recipes are so creative, fun, and even if you don't copy them verbatim, the techniques that they use can help to create your own inspiration (for example, instead of making fake baked and stuffed turkeys on top of my cupcakes for Thanksgiving, I made fake living turkeys).  Anyway, for this holiday I'm planning on making colorful eggs out of sugar to nest on top.  This particular recipe is one of the hardest in the book, so I'm hoping everything doesn't go up in flames. My second desert will be my famous apple pie.  It is without a doubt one of my best recipes and I can't wait to devour it.  I'll be sure to post pictures of everything so you can see how it all turns out.  For now, here's a little Easter inspiration to get you in the festive spirit.

 This pink cracked egg Easter basket from Paper Source is absolutely adorable.  They come in different colors, so everyone can have their own special one.  ($3.95)
These owl lip balms aren't quite Easter eggs, but they are positively perfect goodies for spring. (Paper Source, $9.95)
These chick place cards are only $12 for a set of 12 and are perfect for your table. (Paper Source)
These pieces of paper make for the perfect Easter craft to do with kids to hold their beautifully dyed Easter eggs.  The package comes with both bunnies and chicks and while it may take some time, you'll have a wonderful finished product ($12.95, Paper Source)
Way better than the supermarket peeps (although I do have a sweet tooth for those), these duck cookies from Epicurious are too sweet to handle.

The two goody baskets above are also from Epicurious.  The top one is a world tour of chocolate, while the bottom one is from Di Bruno Bros Chocolates (based in Philadelphia).  See the egg in the little green basket?  It's white chocolate, splattered with dark chocolate, and filled with a passion fruit ganache.  Yeah, I was drooling too. 
These vanilla-coconut cupcakes from my personal favorite blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, were too cute not to post about. 
So there you are, some Easter inspiration for your upcoming weekend.  Hopefully my food will look as good as the things pictured above (fingers crossed) but until then, I'm planning to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather right outside my window.

P.S.I'd like to clarify that in my last post, I stated that BOBS do not donate to charity like TOMS do.  This is untrue, and I am terribly sorry for misrepresenting the brand.

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