Monday, January 9, 2012

Up the Coast Post

Salutations Hi!  As I mentioned earlier, I went on a great trip up the California coast. 
I took this picture from our room at the first hotel we stayed at.  It was really nice there, located right on the beach in a town called San Simeon.  The town was relatively small, but it was near Hearst Castle, which was our second day's highlight.
I took this picture on the steps leading up to Hearst Castle. The mansion and grounds were incredible, although the style was rather morbid.  Did you know that Mr. Hearst collected both ceilings and sarcophagi?  Rather disgusting if you think about it.  
That same day we visited an elephant seal breeding ground, where the beach was literally covered with the creatures.  This girl was apart from the rest, with its baby near by.  It was a truly magical experience.
That night we stayed in a cabin in the redwoods and then went hiking in the morning.  I'll admit, I'm not one of those great outdoors enthusiasts, so it wasn't my cup of tea.  However, the nature was beautiful, and I'm ended up being glad that I did it.

I took this picture on the side of the road near Bixby Bridge (pictured  below).  The coastline and farmland that we passed during our drive was absolutely breathtaking, and it was nice to remember that not the entire world is made of metal and concrete. 
Apparently, this bridge is famous because it was one of the first bridges that helped to connect the California coastline. 
The last stop of our trip was in Carmel, where we stopped at the mission.  I'd only been to one other of the California missions, so it was quite interesting to see how they lived there. 

This tree sits perched above the ocean on a scenic seventeen mile drive stretching from Carmel to Monterey.  The drive costs $10, and while by the end it gets a little repetitive, it's beauty is something that can't be denied. 
Our final stop before our long and tedious drive back was at Cannery Row in Monterey, where I had some of the best clam chowder I have ever tasted. 

Overall, the trip was incredible and filled with some of the best memories (and food) a person could ask for.  See you soon!!

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  1. Sounds fun. Great idea for a vacay. btw, luv the blog