Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cupcakes to Die For

Okay, so lately I've become addicted to gourmet cupcakes.  Just now i had a s'mores one (see Instagram) and it got me thinking that I should post about some yummy cupcakes just to make you guys want to break your diets and dig in.

These apple cupcakes filled with caramel and covered in vanilla frosting look simply delicious!  I've always wanted to try making this design, but i never have.  This motivates me to try though.   (I Heart Cuppycakes found via Cupcakes take the Cake)

I know it's not exactly the season for Christmas trees, but this is just such a fun idea for winter time!

Okay, so cake pops have become really popular of late (I personally love them) and I love that this dessert combines these two cute cakes into the ultimate adorable treat.  It's Cupcakepops!!!!!!

This mint chocolate cupcake from Curious Gourmet Cupcakes in Franklin, Tennessee looks just delicious.  I'm addicted to frosting (the not too sweet kind), and this looks like it is just piled on.  Of course, it could end up tasting like toothpaste, but if done right, and mint-y frosting can hit all the right notes.

Allow me to introduce my all time favorite cupcake, the half and half from Crumbs Bake Shop.  Crumbs started in Beverly Hills but has quickly grown with locations all around the country and they even ship!  Though all cupcakes from Crumbs are delicious, this one is just too good to resist.  With a marble cake and both chocolate and vanilla frosting, topped with pieces of cookies and brownies, this is the perfect choice whether you're in the mood for chocolate or vanilla.  YUM!
Why yes, that is Marilyn Monroe.  These mini cupcakes were provided for Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum from Baked by Melissa.  Don't they look amazing?
This last cupcake is an idea I plan on perfecting this Father's Day.  You dye different sections of the batter with colorful food coloring, pour a little of each in the pan, bake it, and you have a psychedelic cupcake!
Well, there you are, my cupcake inspirations.  Hungry yet?

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